About us

In October 1988, Ambiflex Limited was formed to apply the latest generation of microprocessor and electronics technology to the BMS industry.

In 2018, we are celebrating our 30th anniversary and proud that some of the original controllers from the 1980s are supported and maintained, continuing effective energy energy management for our customers, alongside the latest MF3200 and MF3201 touch screen controllers.

Ambiflex has a large portfolio of customers and its products have been used on different projects ranging from small primary schools to large general hospitals.

Ambiflex products are also available through nationally located independent systems houses who are able to offer turnkey projects.

The company’s strengths are:

  • Production of high quality, flexible and reliable systems
  • Caring for its customers
  • Listening to the market, understanding the problems and providing solutions
  • To compliment the range of hardware and software products, Ambiflex also provides a comprehensive support service. This includes but is not limited to:

  • Alarm monitoring and forwarding
  • Bureau Service
  • Field Service
  • Sales Support
  • Surveys
  • Training
  • Technical Support