GPO Unit

GPO Unit

General Purpose Override Unit

The General Purpose Override Unit (GPO) is an auxiliary interface for the Ambiflex ‘Advance’ range of controllers that can also be utilised with any suitable building management system.

The GPO is designed to perform two functions: an extension timer and an override to adjust temperature setpoints.

The Benefits

Typical Applications

Advance Building Control

The General Purpose Override (GPO) unit has been specifically designed to be an easy to use, auxiliary interface to the Ambiflex ‘Advance’ range of controllers. The GPO can also be integrated with any Building Management System that can take a volt-free Digital Input together with a 0-10 Volt DC Analog Input and provide volt free Digital Outputs.

The override unit was designed to be simple for the user, and to retain the inherent flexibility to allow the specifier more choice in parameters. For example, a reset is available both for the timer and the analog adjust; the timer can be set to 3 hours or 6 hours with 15 minute or 30 minute options and the analog adjustment may be scaled over the desired temperature range.



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