Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


What is your delivery lead time?

The full range of Ambiflex equipment is normally ex-stock.


Do you provide training? If so, at what cost?

User and Engineering Training on current controllers can be arranged at our offices on a demand basis and is free of charge.


How can we interrogate the controller locally?

Option One: Keypad and display. All of our controllers are fitted as standard with a keypad and display which allows password protected access. All menu levels can be accessed via the keypad, without the need for a laptop or other external device.

Option Two: Laptop communications. All of our controllers have an RS232 communications port on the front for local access.


Are the systems easy to use?

Our controllers have been designed with the non-technical user in mind. Day to day management is easy through such facilities as extensions, overrides and adjustments directly from the controller’s keypad and pushbuttons.


How can we interrogate the controller remotely?

The controls can be accessed remotely via modem (telephone line) or Ethernet communications (Local Area Network).


How do the controllers manage alarm handling?

Locally the controllers can be set to have an audible noise and/or flashing light with mute facility.

Remote alarms can sent out via modem or Ethernet to our receiving software which can then be forwarded on via E-Mail or SMS text message. Alarms can be categorised (e.g. critical alarm, non-urgent alarm) so that nuisance alarms can be avoided. They can also be handled differently so that messages can be sent to different destinations at different times of the day/night therefore any recipient will only receive the intended alarms.


What supervisory software do you have?

AmbiLink AGL software is is designed to work with Windows operating systems. This software is required for remote access.


Are there any additional costs associated with software?

Our software is offered at a one-off cost with further upgrades provided free of charge. There is no annual licence charge or subscription.

Site schematics / picture pages can be provided at an additional charge. These are designed specifically for each individual site. Please contact us for further details.


Can meters be integrated into the package?

All of our controllers have Digital Inputs capable of reading a pulsed output from a meter and on our larger systems extended logging is available which will cope with any requirements.