Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


What is your delivery lead time?

Ambiflex products are usually available from stock, but please contact us for current availability especially if you need larger quantities.


Do you provide training? If so, at what cost?

A User Training session is included in our standard commissioning package. Product data sheets, manuals, and application information are available for download orcontact us. Ambiflex Partner organisations can benefit from specialised engineering training and support.


How can we interrogate the controller locally?

Our MF3200 series controllers feature an industrial quality colour touchscreen which allows password controlled customisable interrogation and display of controller data points, operating graph and control states. Dedicated function switches give easy instant access to selected frequently-used data.

A front panel USB-B port offers simple, secure connection to a laptop PC for up- and down-loading of user application and data files, and safe installation of firmware updates.


Are the systems easy to use?

Our controllers have been designed to provide building users with straightforward tools for day to day management through the touchscreen and instant access buttons or remotely using the inbuilt HTTP WebServer. These tools can be extensively customised in the design process to suit the application and the expected level of user engagement.


How can we interrogate the controller remotely?

MF3200 series controllers have a built-in Ethernet port for remote communications via a Local Area Network or optional dedicated GSM router. All communications use standard IP/TCP connections and no special-purpose gateway devices are necessary. Current onboard server support includes HTTP, Modbus-TCP and Ambilink protocols, all of which are open and free to use.


How do the controllers manage alarm handling?

MF3200 series controllers have extensive monitoring and alarm handling facilities, with condition logic and filtering to minimise nuisance and false-positive reporting and to direct exception reports to the appropriate recipients. Possible responses to alarm and fault events include:

Local audible warning and/or flashing LED on the controller, with dedicated event review button and mute facility.

Exception reporting via ethernet connection to remote alarm handling software, and further forwarding from there by SMS text message or Email.

Direct exception event reporting by email from the controller itself.

Additional on-site hardware indication and control responses can of course be included as part of the application programme.


What supervisory software do you have?

AmbiLink AGL software is is designed to work with Windows operating systems, but also supports many operating functions under Linux using WINE. This software is required for full remote engineering access. .


Are there any additional costs associated with software?

Our software is offered at a one-off cost with further upgrades provided free of charge. There is no annual licence charge or subscription.


Can meters be integrated into the package?

All binary ('digital') inputs on current LDCX input-output cards support meter pulse counting and provide an energy-limited power supply for this purpose. MF3200 series controllers can capture data from Modbus-RTU meters on either one or two local RS485 busses, and from Modbus-TCP meters via the inbuilt Ethernet port. With an optional external interface device MF3200 series controllers can also capture data from M-BUS meters.

MF3200 series controllers include extensive programmable logging facilities to record meter readings. Data log content can be reviewed using the on-controller graphing functions, and easily downloaded for analysis using Ambilink software or, for individual logs, as HTTP.


What about graphics?

Graphical ('picture') pages for display in Ambilink software, including site schematics and dynamic data points, overrides and adjust points, can be provided at an additional cost. Graphical pages are designed specifically for each individual site and the cost varies according the complexity and time required - pleasecontact us. for further details.