MF620 Picture

'Advanced' Building Management Systems

Ambiflex controllers are specifically designed and manufactured as high quality, flexible and reliable systems providing the very latest in energy management and control innovation. The Ambiflex MF620/820 range of controllers combine competitive pricing with ease of use for non-technical personnel, ensuring that even the more modest buildings can now benefit from the advantages of a Building Management System.

The Benefits

Typical Applications

Advance Building Control

The MF620 is an intelligent standalone/networking BMS controller with features normally available only in much more expensive systems. The MF620 has the flexibility of a freely programmable controller and is also available with a comprehensive range of pre-engineered applications for conventional heating systems.

On larger sites where networking and data sharing is required, up to thirty two MF620 and MF820 controllers can be connected together.

Ease of Use

Energy Management & Control

Comprehensive Monitoring

Input/Output Count

  • Analog Outputs: 2
  • Analog Inputs: 8
  • Digital Outputs: 6
  • Digital Inputs: 4